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Committed Comics was started back in 1999 to provide aspiring creators access into the comic book industry. Since that time, a bevy of amazing creators have produced comics that are innovating, fun and of the highest quality with us. If you are COMMITTED and love the comic industry then we challenge you to bring your A Game!


Committed News for 2022!

What the hell happened?
One second I'm getting ready for Comic Con Special Edition and the next thing I know it's February 1st!!!

WOW! Okay well a lot has happened in the first month of 2022. We preppred and announced our next Kickstarter for Nira X: REBORN #3

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We also pretty much finalized our convention schedule for 2022 and we will also be revamping the website in the next couple of months!

The last little bit of news is that We are finally going with an awesome design firm for the new site. We are going to have Ferdware revamping the site soon and providing us with a whole slew of new options and features.