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Committed Comics was started back in 1999 to provide aspiring creators access into the comic book industry. Since that time, a bevy of amazing creators have produced comics that are innovating, fun and of the highest quality with us. If you are COMMITTED and love the comic industry then we challenge you to bring your A Game!


Here you can see all the great titles we have available and the cool projects we have upcoming! click on any of the covers above to be brought right to the title.

Think you have the talent to join the asylum?
Then make sure you check out submissions and put your talent where your mouth is

NIRA X Ground Zero
The Essential Collection
Written and Penciled by: Bill Maus
Inks by: Mikey Babinski
Colors by: Kat Maus
Letters by: Bill Maus
Size: Standard Comic Size 308 Pages

Get the newest chapter in the Nira X saga! With a 25 year history this essential collection barely scratches the surface at 300 pages!

Collecting Nira X's first appearance (Zen #0) and her first three story arcs plus 24 pages of new material!

This is the book you need to get to know this time spanning character! Also don't miss all of the amazing stickers and merchandise we have for Nira X.

Shop Nira X: Ground Zero




Written and Drawn by: Bill Maus
Colors by: Kat Maus
Lettered by: Bill Maus
Size: Standard Comic Size, 24 Pages
3 Issue Mini Series

Right as Ground Zero ends...Reborn starts!
It's a brand new adventure that not only has Nira X but all of the CyberAngels and some other suprise guest stars!

The universe is DOOMED

Or at least that's how it seems, unless the CyberAngels can location and understand the mysterious power source that is being guarded by a powerful entity unknown to all.
Somehow Nira and the rest of the CyberAngels need to find the power source, stop the end of all existence but also prevent her arch-nemesis ENX, from trying to kill her and seize the universe's power for herself. Just another day in the life of Nira X!  

Issues 1 & 2 are available NOW! Issue #2 has a variety of variant covers by guest superstar artist like Bill McKay, Kevin McCoy and Mog Park! Shop for them HERE




Haunting Refrain
Written by: Greg M Smith
Artwork by: Ulises Carpintero
Lettered by: Greg M Smith and DND Studio
Inks and Colors by Claudia Zhong
from Robekka Art Studio and Dawn Nakama
Cover Art by: Melissa Pagluica
Size: 6" x 9" 108 pages

Haunting Refrain is a ghost story
      within a ghost story...
          within a ghost story...

Bongo Brasher grew up in a small town that he worked his whole life trying to escape. Trying to start life over and leave the past in the past. But when the ghost from an old campfire story begins killing Bongo Brasher's family and friends, Bongo is increasingly drawn into the ghost's world until the ghost encourages him to settle old scores by becoming a killer himself.

The pin up on page 107 in Haunting Refrain was done by the talented John Goldsack

See what other's have said This tale is a truly entertaining piece of fiction, a real page turner. I have to say, I am pleasantly impressed. The story is engrossing and I found myself really interested in the characters and caring what happens to them. - Odinson, Lone Star Comics Archvist




God Among Men
Written by: Christopher Tung
Pencils by: Vitor Gorino
Inks by: Tiago Teixeira de Magalhaes
Colored by: Luis Antonio Delgado
Lettered by: Bram Meehan
Cover Pencils & Inks: Jason Metcalf
Cover Colors: Tony Kordos
Size:6" x 9" 80 Pages

It's always lonely at the top, and no one knows that better than Nick Smith. He is the pinnacle of excellence in almost every way. He is strong, fast, brilliant, but the one thing he does lack is people to share his gifts with.

God Among Men tells the tragic adventure of a boy who just wants to fit in and be like everyone else. What most would call "Normal".

One minor problem, you can't be "normal" when you're a genius and perfect. That is until you figure a way to go back in time and change everything...


If you like.... Ray Bradbury's 'A Sound of Thunder', Strangers in Paradise for its romance humor and characters, and Y: The Last Man for the struggles of a man against the world, then you will love this book!




Miss Miniver
Written by: Miss Miniver
Pencils by: Elizabeth Dion
Inks by: Jonathan D Hallett (issue 1)
Elizabeth Dion (issue 2)
Lettered and Colored by:
Wilson Ramos Jr.(issue 1)
Raul Hernandez Montiel (issue 2-4)
Size: Standard Comic Size, 24 pages, 4 Issue Mini-Series

The Adventures of Miss Miniver follow the talented cosplayer and pop culture princess through her wild and wacky life!

Join Miss Miniver and her sidekick ALU as they battle against rouge goth shirts...strange old mystical ladies... and creepy twins!!! In each issue Miss Miniver will also have tutorials of Cosplay, makeup tips, convention survival strategies and even more! SHOP NOW




Plotter/Penciler/Co-Creator: Gregg Paulsen
Plotted/Written/Co-Creator: Jason Caskey
Co-Creator/Story Editor: Phillip Hester
Inker: Mark Stegauer
Colors: Doug Stevens
Letters: Micah Myers
Covers by: Phillip Hester and Gregg Paulsen
Size: Standard Comic Size, 128 page Graphic Novel

IRONCLAD is an all-ages science fiction mini-series that tells the story of Max Clad, 12-year old boy desperately seeking the attention of his workaholic father Dr. Joseph Clad, a top research scientist working for a secret government agency.

But when feelings of unimportance are swiftly cast away and Max is given control of an alien 'Defender-class' suit of armor named Ironclad and becomes the only person standing in the way of an invasion from beyond the stars!


If you like.... X-O Manowar, Shazam, Prime, Iron Man and other action books this is the graphic novel for you!




Written by: Boe DuRansier
Art by: Alfredo SBG
Colors by: Alayna Lemmer (Issue 1)
Alejandro Cisneros Ibarra (Issue 2 & 3)
Letters by: Randeep Grewal (Issue 1)
Raul Hernandez Montiel (Issue 2 & 3) 3 Issue Mini Series

Come ride alongside the incorrigible Luke Bonchance as he tries to get his kicks on Route 66.

Luke's life is in perpetual turmoil, mostly due to his own ill-advised choices, and that's just the way he likes it.

Happily bouncing from town to town, causing mayhem at every stop, until he meets Maggie, an "unusual" young woman who sends him begrudgingly down the road to redemption… but first he'll have to get past his scheming ex-wife and the cold-blooded hit man she's hired...and that's all within the first 10 pages of the first issue!

If you like.... For fans of TV's The Night Stalker, road trip movies, and the Hernandez Bros' Love & Rockets, this book is guaranteed to please your pallet with its edgy humor and jaded clarity. Freak Meter is a delirious study of Americana at its best.




Artwork and Text by: Sean Dietrich

You will be treated to a visual feast of over 50 pieces of art, 13 of which have never been seen, all presented to you in an oversized 10"x14" format.

As for the writing, Sean says: "I really wanted to touch base how I built up my career and share those experiences with aspiring artists and students of art.

There really is very little help out there for those looking to go into an art career other than pushing your resume on big companies until you strike it lucky, or you hit on a one in a million idea. I'll go through the basics on how to sell, price and tour your art as well as talk about the state of originality in the art world today--or lack of!"

So grab a copy of 'Confidence Pig' and dive into the art and business of Sean Dietrich.